Insurance Agency Valuation

Whether you are planning to sell your insurance agency, or perhaps leave it to a family member as part of a perpetuation plan, or you are interested in purchasing another agency, you need to understand the market value of the business before taking any action.

Our Valuation Services range from a brief review and summary opinion of value, to a comprehensive analysis of your entire business with detailed information collected about every operational, financial, and cultural aspect of your agency, including a full presentation that breaks down the “Red Flags” and “Bonus Points” likely to impact the value of your business.  We can also provide a separate document for agency owner’s interested in selling, which offers suggestions and highlights ways you can improve a potential purchase price.  If you are considering selling or buying an insurance agency, an objective outside analysis and opinion of value is a good way to have confidence about your next move.

We’re insurance agency valuation experts. Tell us about your agency.

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